The Guerin Catholic Music Department strives to involve as many Guerin Cathoic students through high-quality ensembles and classes. Whether you are a lifelong singer or instrumentalist, or you’ve never considered yourself a musician, we hope to challenge you in your four years at Guerin Catholic. God allows us the ability to take part in His divine work of creation, and we know music is an excellent way to create!

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Guerin Catholic Music Electives

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Freshmen Music Electives

If you’re an experienced musician coming to Guerin Catholic as a freshmen or transfer student, please reach out to our music department chair, Angie Goćur ( to make sure you are taking the best classes for your skill level!

Freshmen and transfer students, are you ready to audition? Join us on May 7, 2024 from 5:30 – 7 pm to audition for choir next year. Check out this flyer for more details!

2024 Incoming Student Music Audition Night Flyer

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Guerin Catholic Music Department Calendar
Music Department students and families, please subscribe to our Google Calendar to stay up-to-date on rehearsals and performances!

Key for Calendar Abbreviations
FULL:Full Music Department
SOP: Sounds of Providence
GV: GoldenVoice
CEC: Cecilia
AMB: Ambrose
ST: String Orchestra
WS: Wind Symphony
JO: Jazz Orchestra
DL: Drumline
PB: Pep Band (Pep Band includes all members of the Wind Symphony and Drumline)